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Brow/Lash services

Brow/Lash services

Brow Lamination Only


Brow lamination involves the “perming” of the eyebrow hairs to provide a fuller, more even look. It can also help keep them in place after washing off any cosmetics you may wear. This is an alternative to microblading.

Brow Lamination With Eyebrow Tinting and Waxing


Eyebrow Tinting


Eyebrow tinting gives you bolder, natural looking eyebrows since the actual hair of the eyebrow is tinted to a darker color, eliminating that “drawn on” look.

Eyelash Lifting Only


The lash lift is a treatment that makes your natural lashes look longer, fuller and denser by applying a mix of chemicals that curls them upwards. Made with FDA & EU approved ingredients- Proudly vegan, cruelty free, ammonia free and paraben free.

Eyelash Tinting


Eyelash tinting allows people to have the eyelashes they want without having to bother with mascara.